Halloween Looks & Lashes

It’s that time of the year when all the fab-est ladies are putting the details of their most head-turning looks together, right down to the lash. Halloween… we love you, girl!

If you need a li’l inspiration – for your look, and the best lash to match – here are our top three picks for the spookiest night of the year matched with our fiercest, most flutter worthy and dramatic Velvet lashes, made with 100% human Remy hair.

UNICORN: The world loves unicorns and so do we

Prep your most mythical self – you’re about to show Halloween who’s the most stunning of all the creatures.

What you’ll need:

– Your unicorn horn of choice
– Colored or jewel stick-on bindis
– Long, flowing rainbow wig
– Bright, colorful, and glittery eyeshadow (not to be restricted to eye area only!)
– Rainbow tutu
i-ENVY Velvet 05 lashes for the final, heavenly touch!

POISON IVY: A truly badass (and highly-Instagrammable) femme fatale

For those of you who simply won’t dress up unless it’s with a little bit of darkness, look no further. Every gal’s favorite Batman villain is your go-to kween this Halloween.

What you’ll need:

– That flowing red wig, for starters
– Something green and tight for your outfit
– Vines for your hair and body
– Eyeshadow in greens and reds
– Your reddest red lipstick
i-ENVY Velvet 01 lashes, to add to the fierce.

WONDER WOMAN: Because girl power

The world better be ready for the amount of badass babes who are going to be spreading the girl power word this Halloween!

What you’ll need:

– If you’re crafty, you can fashion an outfit yourself, but there are plenty of premade costumes online
– Voluminous brown hair or wig
i-ENVY Velvet 04, because Wonder Woman deserves the best.

We can’t wait to see all your Halloween looks and lashes! Tag us in your Instagram pics and tell us what you’re wearing! No matter what you go as, as long as you’ve got the perfect lash, the rest is just a bonus!

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