Introducing the V-LUXE Silk Chiffon Collection

As we’re sure you can imagine, new collections are a pretty big deal around here. From dreaming each lash up, right down to designing the packaging, it’s a group effort that all culminates on launch day.

The V-LUXE Silk Chiffon Collection is our latest offering, and one of our most stunning collections to date. We chatted with our Product Developer Winnie Lee, as well as our Senior Designer Jaewon Tak, to get a little behind-the-scenes goss on the collection,

Where did the inspiration for the V-LUXE Silk Chiffon Collection come from?

Winnie: I always want my consumers to feel like they own what they’ve been dreaming of by wearing our lashes. Each lash in the V-LUXE Silk Chiffon Collection is inspired by and designed around a different type of silk dress. We hope anyone who tries them feels like they’re wearing their dream dress on their eyes.

How did you go about creating this new lash collection?

Winnie: Since I wanted my lashes represent different dresses, I designed each lash style to perfectly match each one. I had countless discussions and trials with artisans, and also I worked very closely with our designer Jaewan, who was able to bring this idea to life in the packaging.

What are these lashes created with?

Winnie: V-LUXE Silk Chiffon Collection lashes are made of high-end silk fiber, giving them an ultra soft look and elegant appeal.

What is something that you never compromise on while creating a new lash?

Winnie: Quality. Period.

What do you think sets the Silk Collection apart from other lashes and how did you communicate this in the packaging?

Jaewon: Whether it’s a wedding dress or a first prom dress, every woman understands the concept of a ‘dream dress.’ I wanted to bring that to life in our packaging by using luxurious material on the surface, as well as a very unique silvery blue color, to hint at the shine of a wedding dress.

What was your biggest inspiration when designing the Silk Collection packaging?

Jaewon: I collected a lot of clippings of celeb dresses during this design, but my biggest inspiration came from Blake Lively’s party dress from 2016 Cannes Film Festival. It was really cool and sophisticated with white tones and so many textures.

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