New Year’s resolutions done right

Well, 2017 is all but in the bag and we’re pretty darn happy with the results. We launched some brand-new lash collections, went all out on social, and had the privilege of getting to chat with so many inspiring beauty lovers along the way.

Going into 2018, our goal is to keep on creating lashes worth writing home (and all over social) about. But if you’re looking for a little 2018 resolutions inspo, we have a few suggestions! And don’t worry, there’s none of that gym-going, weight-losing, money-saving, life-changing stuff here – no one keeps those anyway! We’re just going with some good-for-your-sanity resolutions that’ll make 2018 seem like a joy instead of a chore. We’ve given them a beauty spin cos that’s what we do, but we think they’re pretty solid all-round resolutions when applied to life in general as well!

1. Say “YES!”

“Yes” to stunning lashes. “Yes” to new beauty trends. “Yes” to going bolder with your look. “Yes” to expanding your product collection. “Yes, yes, yes!”

You can start by saying “yes” to our Beautiful Tool Kit. They might not be all the tools you need to navigate whatever 2018 has in store, but damn they’ll definitely help!

2. Change it up

If you’re comfy with the status quo and like to stick with your fave products, we don’t blame you. Favorites are favorites for a reason! But changing it up makes for fun finds and fab looks so it’s worth making the effort.

Why not go full glam and try our V-LUXE Mink Lash Inspired Diamond lashes. They’ve been handcrafted by an artisan juuuuust for you! Oh, and we think you’ll love our All-In-One Brow Pomade – the perfect addition to your brow routine… that is now not-so routine.

3. Try something new!

Ok, so you’re probably thinking this resolution is kinda the same as #2, but with this one we’re taking it literally! Don’t just try something new for you, try something brand-new! We recently launched our V-LUXE Silk Chiffon collection and it’s got five styles based off stunning dresses, designed to be like a dream dress for your eyes. We’ve also recently launched our V-LUXE Extension Mermaid lashes, which pack a punch like only lash clusters can. And we’ve got other goodies coming for you in 2018 so there’ll be plenty of “NEW” for you to try!

4. Spread the love

Lash love is a beautiful thing – don’t keep it to yourself! False lashes (and makeup perfection in general) can be a little intimidating to rookies, so help our your fellow beauty babes when they need it! They’ll love you for the knowledge and you’ll be helping to make the world a more beautiful place.

Start your newcomer friends off on the right foot by recommending natural lashes like our Au Naturale collection with a our Aloe Infused Strip Lash Glue in clear, just to get them used to applying their new loves.

5. Share more

This one is just us selfishly wanting to see more of what you guys are doing with your lashes! Share your looks with us on social media using the #ienvybykiss and #vluxe hashtags. We always enjoy spreading the word on what our favorites are doing and 2018 will be no different!

And with that, we wish you a Happy New Year, glam fam! Be sure to join us on Facebook and Instagram in 2018!