When it doubt… Wing it!

Let’s face it, flicking through magazines and seeing red carpet makeup can be inspiring and disappointing at the same time. Yes, of course we want (most of) those amazing Hollywood looks, but damn… who’s got full time makeup artists at their beck and call? (Like… if you do, that’s awesome and we’re jealous and can we borrow them when you’re done?)

As mere humans, we have to make it work on our own and with what we’ve got, buuuuut that doesn’t mean we can’t use all means necessary to be as fierce as we can.

Enter our Wing It Eyeliner Kit

This is for all our cat eye-loving ladies who know that a little help along the way can be the difference between sizzling and fizzling. It’s got stencils in six different looks to ensure you get both sides perfect, every time.

Whether you’re thinking about making it your everyday look, or rocking it at your next special occasion, don’t believe the naysayers…

The ultimate cat-eye can be yours, ladies!