Work your holiday look

It might be freezing and snowy out, but we don’t care – ‘tis the season to look damn fine! This week as we get ready for the holidays (with all their parties and gatherings and excitement), we’re thinking about our favorite looks, too!

Here are a few of our favorites to inspire you through the festive season and ensure you’re the fiercest at every event.

Easy does it

The natural look never goes out of style, but the beauty of keeping things simple is that we can still dress it up! For this, we like to keep the foundation light (‘cos we love our real skin – freckles and all!), a little blush and highlighter to make things glow, some super natural eye shadow and our Beyond Natural clusters to top it all off. Rock this at your friend and family get-togethers, and festive events where effortless is what you’re going for.

Let there be glitter

We’re building this look around our V-LUXE Malia lashes. Our Instagram glam fam looooove these lashes and we love watching what they create with them. Since the holidays are about stepping out and being the most party-ready version of ourselves, we’re pairing these fluffy and flirty lashes with a bold and glittery eye. Add a fierce cat eye (with a little help from our Wing-It Eyeliner Kit) and 2018 had better be ready.

Lip (& lash) service

One of this season’s makeup trends that we’ve decided we’re taking into the New Year is the two-tone lip. Subtle but stunning, daring but demure, there are so many ways to wear it. We recommend pairing it with our V-LUXE Silk Chiffon Mermaid lashes for the ultimate wow factor. And hey, if it’s not for you, nothing beats a simple red lip and elegant lash combo, so there’s always that.

Happy holidays, gals! Share your looks with us on Facebook and Instagram, and tag @ienvybykiss!