Summer 2018: Season of the Minimalist Maximalist

What is “Minimalist Maximalist?” we hear you say. We’re glad you asked! Minimalist Maximalist (MM) is a term we’ve coined for someone who makes the most of very little when it comes to their makeup – whether they’re looking to go all out, or aiming for the oh-so natural look!

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from our new Natural Icon lashes (part of our Iconic Collection), it’s that you don’t always need a lot to truly pop. That’s what MM is all about… looks that are the best in five products or less!

We’ve all watched makeup tutorials about how to achieve the ‘natural look,’ but there is one surefire way to go natural…

Just… go natural.

Easy peasy. There’s nothing like a coat of BB cream, a slick of lip-gloss, a little blush or bronzer and highlighter, topped off with your ultimate lash. This less-time-prepping more-time-living look is the ultimate time saver in the warmer months and there’s something super liberating about letting the real you (freckles and all) shine on through!

But MM doesn’t stop at your slay-all-day natural face. No no. Dressed up evening looks are also covered and they’re a cinch. Trade your CC cream for foundation, get your hands on our Brow Pomade for a bold brow, highlighter, Iconic Collection lashes, and a feature lip of classic red, bright pink, or whatever your current lip color crush might be (we like to let our brown, red, orange and pink lipsticks double as a cheek tint, too, but shhh – it’s a secret).

Don’t get us wrong – we are forever in love with makeup of all kinds, but sometimes it feels good to take the ‘less is more’ route! After all, minimalism is in, so why not make the most of it?

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