Tips for lash newcomers

For some of us seasoned falsie wearers, lashes have been a part of our daily routine for so long that it’s hard to remember our life (and our face) without them. We can practically do them with our eyes closed, except, well… we know how that would turn out.

But for the newcomers among us, first of all, hi 👋! It’s so nice to welcome you to our club! Secondly, we know it can all seem a little daunting with the styles and glues and lengths and looks. But we’re here to help ease you into the process with a few beginner need-to-knows. Ready to cover the basics? Let’s do this!

Individual v Strip Lashes

Ah yes… the age-old question. Individual lashes are great for anyone wanting to truly customize their look. For those who are brand new to the game, they can be a great way to ease into the full strip lash look and are a definite favorite for those of us to like to keep things looking super natural (as opposed to supernatural). Depending on the level of volume you’re after, individual lashes can take a little longer to apply (and of course lash application requires some practice, but more on that later), but we all know that the perfect look is worth it.

Strip lashes remain a favorite for drama, volume, variety and speed. With so many different collections and endless excuses to try them all out (trips to the grocery store, lunch at your mama’s, and a quiet happy hour are ALL perfectly acceptable excuses, FYI), the fun never stops. Again, if you like the natural look or are yet to unleash your sassiest lash self, our range of natural strip lashes are a great place to start. Love volume but don’t have a lot of time? Start living that double layer life and get twice the drama, real quick. Or if a stunningly romantic look is what you’re after, get your hands on our So Wispy collection for a touch of pure elegance. We could keep going… but you’ve probably got things to do. Needless to say, there are loads more options.

Choosing the best glue for you (and what to do)

We’re just going to dive right in with a little fact: when learning how to glue your lashes, eyeliner is your best friend and can hide any number of little sins. It might seem obvious but always do your eye makeup first and if you’re just starting out, wearing dark eyeliner is a great idea until you get the process down pat.

Starting with a clear glue is a great first move since it’s a lot more forgiving. But if you’ve had a few practice runs and think you’re ready to take the next, bold step, black glue can really give you the oomph you’re after. Both these glues are aloe infused and hypoallergenic so they’re gentle on your eyes and your skin.

Before applying strip lashes always check the fit and trim wherever necessary, always cutting from the outside corner of the lash. Using a Q-Tip, apply the glue in a thin layer across the band and wait around 20 seconds for it to get tacky. Applying the lashes too soon means you run the risk of them sliding around and out of position. Use the end of your tweezers or your fingers to position the lashes and voila! From here, apply mascara to blend your false lashes with your natural ones. Take it a step further with our 360° Flawless Eyelash Curler – the ideal way to curl your lashes for an even more ‘how did she get that look?’ look.

Tips for making your lashes last

These tips apply to your own natural lashes and your false lashes. Treating both well is an important part of the process. Firstly, never tug them off. There might be the temptation to do so after a long day, but you run the risk of damaging your real lashes and nobody wants that. Treat your falsies as though they were your own!
Start with our Makeup Remover Pen or your usual eye makeup remover, and dab it along your lash line to loosen the lashes. Give it a little time to do its thing, and then gently remove the eyelashes from the outer edges inwards using tweezers or your fingers. Repeat the process on the other side. Remove excess glue from the lash strips before placing them back in their box for safekeeping. This will make for a longer lasting pair of lashes, which we all love!

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