Deep C Curl Lashes

The Most Natural Finish

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Cardi B's Makeup #1 Short (11.5mm)

As seen on   Bonnie Fuller Assumes Full Ownership of Hollywood Life

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These knot-free lashes gave us the most natural-looking lash lift without all the hassle. The individual sets allow you to achieve all different types of looks that can be taken from day to night. 


  • Lash Lift Result
  • The most natural finish - C CURL
  • Ultimate Eye-Catching lash Lisft Look to create a bright, wide-eye effect

Short (11.5 mm)

Medium (13.5 mm)

Long (15.5 mm)

1. Using a lash applicator, gently lift the individual lash from the tray.

2. Dip lash end into i-ENVY Lash Adhesive; do not saturate. (Both strip lash adhesive and individual lash adhesive can be used depending on how long you want your lashes to last.)

3. Place lash end as close to your natural lash line as possible. Repeat with additional lashes, until you achieve desired effect.