Press & Go Press On Cluster Lashes All-in-One Kit

Press On Self Adhesive 18 Clusters & Mini Applicator

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As seen on 14 Beauty Trends We’re Leaving Behind in 2024 (And What to Try Instead) “In 2024, we’re trying wispy angel lashes. They offer a fine, feathery look that makes your eyes pop, while still looking natural.” WHAT IT IS 1 Step Press-On Method: Effortlessly achieve stunning cluster lashes by placing beneath your natural lash and using the applicator to gently press them together for easy, seamless application. Kit includes: 18 Press-On Clusters & 1 Mini Applicator
  • Enjoy up to 24 hours of hold with our mess-free, SELF-STICK formula
  • Our press-underneath method eliminates wait times. No drying needed!
  • Experience 100% satisfaction with every comfortable wear
  • No glue, no residue. Keep your natural lashes pristine and damage-free
  • Each kit includes Short, Medium, and Long lengths to match your preferred style
1. Pluck a cluster from the tray using the applicator (included). 2. Place the cluster underneath your natural lashes. 3. Squeeze clusters and natural lashes together with the applicator. * Avoid touching the band area when applying   HOW TO REMOVE With your fingers, gently lift off the clusters starting with the band side.